Signature in the Cell iPod Promotion Rules

Sponsorship: The sponsor of this promotion is the Center for Science and Culture (CSC), a program of Discovery Institute, 208 Columbia Street, Seattle, WA 98104. Eligibility: No purchase is necessary for entering the drawing; the drawing is open to all new and existing subscribers of any of the following free email newsletters produced by the Center for Science and Culture: Nota Bene, Academic Freedom Update, Faith and Science Update. Entry Procedures: New subscribers who use the sign-up form at to subscribe to one of the CSC’s free email newsletters between July 14 and July 20, 2010 will be entered into the drawing automatically. Existing subscribers can enter the drawing between July 14 and July 20 by using this sign-up form. Termination Date: This promotion terminates at 12:00 am (PDT) on July 21, 2010. Number, Retail Value, and Description of Prizes: One iPod (retail value $149.67) will be given away through this promotion; cash will not be awarded instead of merchandise. Approximate Odds of Winning: Odds depend on the number of entries. Geographic Area Covered: The drawing is open to residents of the United States, except in jurisdictions where such contests are prohibited by law. Date Winners Will Be Chosen and Notified: The drawing will be held during the period of July 21-23, and the winner will be notified via email on or before July 26, 2010. Method of Selection: Winner will be selected using a random number generator. Presence of the Winner: The winner does not need to be present for the drawing. Publicity Rights Regarding the Use of the Winner’s Name: The Center for Science and Culture/Discovery Institute shall have the right to publicize the winner’s name. Name of the Winner: Those wishing to know the name of the winner may send a written request to Robert Crowther, iPod Promotion, Center for Science and Culture, 208 Columbia Street, Seattle, WA 98104. Taxes: Winner is responsible for paying any applicable state or federal taxes.

iPod Nano
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